I joined Hyundai Motor Group as a Senior AI Research Engineer to chart and implement Large Multimodal Model Strategy in their smart factory - I just like the car. I also believe LLMs will see their potential as an API layer to software, empowering our control of the corresponding hardware.

I graduated with a PhD in CS (Machine Larning and NLP) from Johns Hopkins researching Autoregressive LLM Machine Translation, and previously worked on explainability in Natural Language Inference, Topic Modeling, Clustering, Computational Arguments, Speaker Diarization and Conversational Systems. I did two Covid internships at Facebook AI Integrity (Hate Speech).

I am Singaporean and was at DSO National Labs from 2013-2018, first as a cognitive and social psychologist, and then as a NLP Engineer. Before that I joint majored in A.I and Psychology from the University of Edinburgh.

This blog exists for me, but if another human were to benefit, that would be quite fantastic!

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